Free SSL certificates for ALL with Let’s Encrypt!

It’s a great day when SSL certs are free. Gone are the days of spending hundreds per year for site security.

With Let’s Encrypt, you simply click and install, click and renew — just a simple click is all.

Madness, I tell you! How can it be this easy? It is that easy. You don’t have to spend money anymore on your SSL/TLS certificates.

Now, there is a small caveat to using this certificate, and that is: there are a couple of old browsers that will not recognize this certificate, namely Internet explorer (v6, 7 and 8) on Windows XP. Browsers need to have SNI Server Name Indication support for the SSL certificate to work correctly. The browsers that do not have SNI support will show a ‘broken padlock’ instead of the green lock icon that signifies a secure connection.

How important is this to you? It depends on whether you feel there are a large number of users in your audience that use those old browsers. Here at bitcosm, we feel that it is VERY soon where ALL browsers will support it, so the current small percentile (~2%) will VERY soon be 0%.

Free SSL certificates — it really is a great time to be alive.