Nov 2nd SSL comes installed on all new Bitcosm hosting packages!

Since SSL is now becoming the standard for Internet communication, it only makes sense to start every domain off right. All new domains will come standard with Let's Encrypt SSL certificate installed.

Oct 26th Use promo code 1FREEMONTH at checkout when you choose the Firefly hosting package.

Enter 1FREEMONTH into the promo code field at checkout, when you sign up for the Firefly hosting package. There is no risk! We think you'll like what you can do with the domain building platform we've provided.

Sep 21st Thank you for visiting bitcosm!

Welcome to bitcosm!  We feel we have put together a hardware and software combination that can't be beat in terms of reliability, performance, and ease of use. Our sole objective is to provide exceptional tools and support to people who are trying to build their web presence. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Read More »

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